What makes hand stamped jewelry special?

It means that no one else has exactly the same piece of jewelry! Slight variations in the height and spacing of the letters are not defects, but show that your piece is truly made by hand, not machine and is absolutely one of a kind.

How do I care for my jewelry?

Remove your jewelry when cleaning, showering or swimming. Basically keep your jewelry as dry as possible.

Almost all metals will naturally tarnish. Clean by using a soft polishing cloth. A dip cleaner will remove the color from stamped images and letters. If the color does fade over time, a quick fix can be made using a fine tip Sharpie and then wiping with rubbing alcohol. To prevent tarnishing, always store your jewelry in a zip lock bag.

How do I know what size I need?

The best way to get the perfect measurement is to take a string and cut it at the exact length you would like for a necklace or bracelet. Then lay it flat and measure it.

Will stainless steel tarnish?

No. Stainless steel will never rust, tarnish or change in color making it a perfect, long-lasting choice.

Are there discounts for bulk orders?

Yes! I have made many customized gifts for companies, sports teams, church groups and graduations. Message me with your request and I can design something perfect!

Do you make custom designs?

Yes! I love custom orders. Message me and we can create what you are looking for.